One day about a year ago, I encountered three friends wearing — completely by chance — the exact same shirt. It wasn’t a generic-ish, pink t-shirt, but a distinct, feminine, button-down “crinkle” shirt. I’d never seen anything like it — until that day when I saw three (two in pink and one in blue) all in one day. The universe, I realized, was telling me something. I asked the third friend, “Where’d you get that shirt? I’ve seen it three times today.” That’s when I learned about Boden.

I am not — I repeat, NOT — into clothes. I wear yoga pants and t-shirts nearly everywhere. (I work at home, leaving my office for things like walking the dog or picking the kids up from school to take them to places like swimming lessons, where I sit and sweat in the pool room, thick with chlorine air. So why would I wear anything nicer?) For me, jeans is dressing up.

But something about this shirt inspired me to visit Boden, which turns out to be a great source of casual, tailored but fun clothes, akin to J. Crew. Since then, I’ve purchased a few Boden items — brown sandals, silver flats, a fitted jacket and, of course, my own crinkle shirt. The last two catalogs have featured a really cool knit sweater.

Boden's One Button Cardigan

Boden's One Button Cardigan

I know I can make something nearly identical. But I’d have to design it myself. I’ve never designed before. Where to begin? (I have Custom Knits — is this the best place to start?) Would knitting my own version be worth the effort? Or should I just log onto Boden and buy it?