Just-Used Running Shoes = Chocolate Chip Cookie Earned

Just-Used Running Shoes = Chocolate Chip Cookie Earned

…whenever you debate whether to go running — or not — GO RUNNING.

Today I’ll be going on my last field trip of the school year.  (The topic of field trips is worthy of a whole post of its own but for the time being, I will simply say, “Wuh-hoooo!”)  Although field trips are, for the most part, exhausting and (I’m being honest here…) burdensome, I am excited for today’s trip.  I adore all of the parents in my son’s grade.  And we’ll be up in the Marin Headlands, where I’m hoping to put my camera to good use.  With any luck, I will have some photos to share with you before long.   

Knitting-wise, I’ve got the ribbing done on my Aleita Shell.  The new City Tweed is rather splitty, but also soft with some eye-catching color dimension.

Thanks, all, for the nice comments on my Diminishing Ribs Cardigan.  I wore it to my daughter’s school play yesterday and was pleased with the fit and the look.

And, on the topic of comments, if you’ve been lurking here (as I have been on so many blogs before), please say hello.  I realize now how appreciated feedback is to blog authors, and I plan to de-lurk myself in the future.  🙂