Within hours of first seeing this photo:

I bought the pattern book to make the sweater. 

Isn’t it a beauty?  I can see wearing this cardigan all year long.  The pattern is so new that the book is only available for pre-order.  I’m not even sure that the yarn the book supports, Blackstone Tweed, has even been released.  And, of course, there are no example sweaters on Ravelry yet so I can’t do any body-double stalking or study the knitty gritty details of the pattern (ala, “be sure to lengthen the waist blah blah blah”). 

Oh, how long must I wait?  In the meantime, I will fantasize.  I like the color of the sweater in the pattern book, though I wonder if a pretty grey would be more functional.  Also, the called-for yarn is rather pricey.  I wonder if there’s a generic, suitable substitute at Valley Yarns (my favorite!) or Knit Picks.  And since I’m a loose knitter and this is a sizeable garment, I’d love to knit at a slightly bigger gauge but make a smaller size.  Ideas?