This vest gave me fits…but I’m happy to report that I actually like the way it came out.

Pattern: Aleita Shell, Interweave Spring 2008

Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed DK, color chipmunk

Needles: size 3 (2’s to start)


It looks easy but this vest is not for the faint of heart.  I consider myself an experienced knitter and yet that overlap thingy was a challenge, largely because the directions are sparse.  (Thankfully, the designer answered a question for me on Ravelry, which was so nice and another reason I love Ravelry!) 

But even harder than that overlap were those darn front sections.  I’m convinced there are errors in the instructions — beyond the errors already noted by many Ravelers (I was well-prepared for those).  I actually frogged the fronts after completing them once — they just weren’t looking right.  So I decided to “wing it.”  I eliminated that added i-cord-ish edging at the end, which seemed unnecessary based on my way of knitting the fronts.  Also, I realized after I’d bound off the shoulders that I needed about two more inches so I had to pick up stitches from the bind off and knit some more.  The result is flawed but not terrible.  Here’s a close up of the fronts:


As for the yarn, which is new for Knit Picks, I found it very splitty to knit with but the resulting fabric is quite soft. 

The one remaining question is whether I will actually wear this garment.  I have never worn a vest before.  But I kinda like this over-a-t-shirt look and it may be just the right layering for our chilly San Francisco summers!  One last shot: