Here’s my new WIP: the Absolutely Fabulous Throw by Colinette.  Although I had originally planned to turn to socks next, I needed a break from small needles after my Aleita Shell.   So I began this throw from a kit, which I purchased on sale online and which has been waiting patiently for me for a few months. 

This is not one of Colinette’s standard Absolutely Fabulous Throw kits, but an oldy from Colinette’s throw-of-the-month line — September 2006.  It’s filled with luscious, textured purples, golds and pale beiges and pinks.  It matches absolutely nothing in my house but I know I’m going to love it.  It’ll be a nice complement to my huge afghan, knit with more traditional yarns.

At Stitches West in February, I forked out 20 bucks for a pair of 40″ Addi Turbos with precisely this project in mind.  I’m glad I did — they’re lovely.  As for the individual yarns, they’re lovely too, though I’m not wild about the process of knitting novelty yarns.  A good, old-fashioned worsted weight merino wool is my preference.  But I’m okay with shaking it up a bit.  And after the fits the Aleita Shell gave me, I’m happy to be doing long, plain knit and purl rows for awhile.  That’ll likely get boring after awhile, but from everything I’ve read on Ravelry, this is a speedy throw.