Here’s an update on my WIP — a Colinette Absolutely Fabulous Throw:


I’m 3/4 done.  I’m on the last of four repeats and I predict it’ll take a full evening to create the fringe.  One of my favorite things about this project is that, thanks to the fringe, there will be no leftovers!  (I hate leftovers!!!)

This has been an enjoyable knit and especially quick for an afghan.  It’s taking about the same amount of time as a long or complicated scarf.  I enjoy the color and texture changes, though I’m not wild about how, according to the pattern, a steely grey is paired next to an orange-ish rust.  (See below.)  But I think the overall look is okay so I didn’t bother to shake it up. 

My favorite of the yarns is a multi-colored mohair with off-white, dark greys and pale rusts — gorgeous!  My least favorite to knit with (murder on my hands!), though one of the softest in the completed fabric, is a fluffy off-white/multi-colored novelty yarn, also visible below.  I predict I’ll be done in a couple of days!