Here’s a little hat I whipped up:


I love knitting hats!  They are quick (this one took me two evenings) and allow me to experiment with techniques and colors without a big commitment. 

In this case, I tried a new color combination: though the pictures don’t do it justice, the hat is lime green with red, something definitely out of the box for me.  I’m also working on my duplicate stitching (in this case, the heart).  Here are a few close ups:



For the next couple of weeks, I plan to diminish my stash of leftovers (as I’ve said, I hate leftovers!) by knitting hats.  For many years, I was able to give hats as baby gifts.  But at, ahem, almost 41, I find that my friends are, for the most part, done having babies.  So about a year ago, I set up a little Esty shop.   I’ve had just a handful of sales, but it’s enough to pad my yarn budget a bit.  I’ve also sold hats at the yearly craft fair at my kids’ school.  That is especially fun because later I see kids on the playground wearing my creations!