Here are a couple of more hats:






The blue and gold one is a stashbuster in my college colors — GO BEARS!  I will probably put that one up on Etsy.

The black and grey hat is, unfortunately, a chemo cap for a friend who is about to embark on a rotten journey (hence, the pink ribbon embroidered on the back, as seen in the third photo).  What is even more rotten is that she’d just completed that journey — with her 4-year-old daughter who is in remission for leukemia.  As she says, they’ve really been served a crap sandwich.  As I told my friend, I have no doubt about her survival — it’s just so incredibly crappy that she has to re-enter the world she had been so grateful and relieved to exit.

Knitting has been my way of helping friends in need — both in making things like chemo caps and also teaching friends with sick kids how to knit so they have something to do during endless doctors appointments and hospital stays.  This friend already knows how to knit.  Hopefully this hat — in colors she requested — will keep her warm and stylish.