For awhile, I’ve wanted to write about my three favorite knitting blogs.  Don’t get me wrong:  I read — and love — lots of other knitting blogs.  And since I’ve started blogging myself, I’ve discovered some terrific blogs that are destined to become favorites too.   But I’ve been reading these three for years and wanted to sing their praises.  By reading them, I’ve become a better knitter — and hopefully a better (if nascent!) blogger.

A Mingled Yarn — “Gloriana” writes this charming blog, the very first knitting blog I ever discovered.  Several years ago, I was considering knitting a sweater called Loll and I Googled the name to see what I’d find.  Gloriana had made the sweater, blogged about it and that’s how I discovered her — and knitting blogs in general.  I was hooked on both instantly.  A new mom, Gloriana has lately focused a bit more on sewing.  (Check out her amazing creations!)  If you compare our Ravelry queues, you’ll see I have copied many of her knit projects.  She makes great sweaters (and has a knack for modifying for flattering fits), cute toys and awesome baby stuff.  A professor of Shakespeare, Gloriana’s writing is always readable.

LollyKnittingAround — I have had the GREAT pleasure of having dinner twice with Lolly when she visited San Francisco so I now consider her a personal friend.  However, first and foremost, I am a huge, huge fan of Lolly’s blog.  In addition to amazing knitting posts (you’ll see I’ve copied many of her projects too!), Lolly blogs about yoga and photography — and she has inspired me in both areas.  Her knits lean towards the traditional and I am always eager to see what’s next on her needles — because chances are, they’ll soon be on my needles!

The Blue Blog — Alison is a kick!  The mom of twin boys and a toddler daughter, Alison somehow has time to also knit, quilt and sew.  (Watching her quilting skills develop has been particularly fascinating for me because learning to quilt is on my bucket list.)  One of my favorite things about Alison is her consistency — she posts almost every day!  The author of a book on Harry Potter knits, Alison makes a lot of kid and baby items, many of which are deliciously wacky. 

Thank you “Gloriana,” Lolly and Alison — you are an inspiration to me!!!