While I was in Tahoe, a friend told me about Paperbackswap.com.  It’s a really cool concept: 

1.  You post 10 (or more) books that you’re willing to part with;

2. When someone wants one of your books, you ship it to them (at a cost of around $2.80 — you can print a shipping label right from your computer — no post office runs required!);

3. When the person receives your book, you get a point;

4. You can use that point to request a free book from someone else (and the someone else pays that shipping!).

I love this idea — it’s good for the environment and it reduces clutter!  I posted 10 books and within 24 hours, 7 of my books had been requested.  So I now have 7 points with which to request free books from other people.  (Actually, I have 9 points because you get 2 free points just for posting your first 10 books.) 

The books must be in good condition.  And obviously the incentive is to post good books so they get requested so you get the points.  There’s everything from cookbooks to memoirs to novels to children’s books.  But, much like Ravelry, the site only works when people use it.  So I wanted to spread the word!  🙂  Happy swapping, happy reading!