I mentioned awhile back that I needed to knit some new socks.  I’ve finally got a pair on my needles:


That fiddly set-up is a two-socks-on-two-circulars technique that, for me, requires two numbered plastic bags and constantly changing point protectors (in this case, foam ear plugs for super thin needles) so I can keep track of what I’m doing.  You’ll  also notice some dental floss threaded through there as my lifeline.  Although this is all a bit fussy, I’m willing to do it so that my two socks are done at the same time and I avoid Second Sock Syndrome.


This is a purely utilitarian knit.  I don’t love the yarn (some Louet that I got cheap at Stitches West in February; my favorite sock yarn by far is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock) or the colorway (marroon and grey), and I’m not a die-hard sock knitter.  But I know I’ll be happy to wear these around the house when they’re done.

Next up?  Amazingly, I’m not sure!  I’m considering a felted bag, another vest (!!!) or maybe I’ll be a brave soul and be one of the first to knit Nonpareil.