I referenced awhile back that my attempts at sewing were somewhat disasterous.  About two years ago, with embarassingly grand ambitions, my sister and I bought basic Brother sewing machines.  We also bought a fair amount of fabric at Joann’s.  (Isn’t picking fabric the real fun of sewing?!)  I had been especially inspired by Gloriana’s and Alison’s sewing projects.  Cut to: PJ bottoms with gaping holes in the crotch seams, fabric toys with heads falling off, crooked stitches, uneven seams, strangely cut fabric, round corners that were supposed to be square…you get the idea.  The only good that came out of it was that my sister and I truly laughed ourselves silly.  We gave up in defeat and the sewing machine took up residence under my dining room table amidst the empty Star Wars Lego boxes.

Well, inspired by a friend who recently re-took up sewing and experienced great results with a personal sewing teacher, I present you this:


My sister and I are in the process of scheduling a pair of lesson’s with my friend’s teacher.  My real dream is to learn to quilt.  I got this book on PaperbackSwap because it seemed like a great way to start.

I really can’t predict what’ll happen this go-around.  The machine may soon return to its spot the dining room floor.  But I will think positive!  🙂