I love the excitement that comes with planning a new project.  I love scouring Ravelry for color, yarn and modification ideas.  I love ordering the yarn.  I love the anticipation of waiting for it to arrive.  I love that about-to-cast-on moment.

However, as excited as I am for my next two projects, the yarn-picking was slower going than usual.  Finally, though, I decided on these yarn-pattern combinations:

First, the Provence Marl Empire Waist Cardigan:


I’ll be making in this color of City Tweed DK:

Poseidon Colorway

Poseidon Colorway

As you can see, I picked a color close to the modeled version, which is not something I normally do and it’s actually not a color I’d normally wear.  But I think I’m gonna like it — and I’m trying to experiment with colors a bit.  More proof:

For the scoop-neck vest:


I picked Knit Picks’s Andean Silk in this color:



Although this, too, is close to the color in the modeled shot, I had originally planned to make this vest in a pale pink or baby blue.  But I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for in a Knit Picks or Valley Yarns yarn.  And in a way, that’s okay.  As with the turquoise above, this brown-ish orange is also not a color I’d normally wear.  But, again, I’m trying to think outside the box when it comes to color.  What do you think?

Meanwhile, things are coming along nicely on my Emma bag (update soon) and my first sewing lesson is scheduled for Tuesday!  🙂