Well, technically, I’m still in the “piecing” stage, but I’m amazed at what that one sewing lesson has done for my confidence.  (We have a second lesson scheduled for the end of September.)  Oh, don’t judge my taste in fabric on this quilt — I bought dirt cheap fabric just to practice. 



Here, the blocks are done but they're not yet sewn into rows.

Here, the blocks are done but they're not yet sewn into rows.

I’m working on the “H block” quilt from this book, which is excellent.  I do hope to actually quilt this myself, which I am now realizing may be the very hardest part of the whole process.  (I have no idea how to install, let alone use, a walking foot, and the binding scares the bajeezus out of me!)  But I have always loved quilts and it seems to be the most fun way to experiment with the amazing fabrics out there. 

At the same time, I have become totally addicted to the enjoyable Sew Forth Now podcast, which focuses primarily on garment sewing and gets me excited about doing that too!  To that end, I splurged on these two new sewing books.

Next up, a picture of and notes on my completed Emma bag, a run-down of my photography lesson and updates on the knitted vest and cardigan.