This Emma bag was supposed to be done two days ago.  But I got to the last two repeats on the second strap (read: minutes from being done) and realized that I didn’t have enough yarn left.  Look:

See that arrow?  That's where I was.  And that's how much yarn I had left.

See that arrow? That's where I was. And that's how much yarn I had left.

There’s some cabling in the last two repeats so there’s no way that yarn’s gonna cover it.  I couldn’t fudge on the number of repeats because this was the SECOND strap — it had to match the first. 

How did this happen?  Although I had more than enough strap yarn for the pattern as written, I lengthened the center i-cord section of the straps to make it more of a shoulder bag.  I guess that took more yarn than I expected.

So what to do?  I really didn’t want to buy a whole new ball of yarn (plus shipping) to use just a handful of yards.  So I searched Ravelry for some knitters who’d made projects with this yarn in this color before and messaged them to see if they had any leftovers they were willing to part with.  (Of course, I offered to pay for the yarn and the postage.)  Lo and behold, I found two knitters who had extras and were generously willing to share.  (Incidentally, I am using Northampton Bulky, a new yarn from Valley Yarns, doubled for the bag.  Not many knitters have tried this yarn yet.  So these Ravelers are sharing Northampton worsted, which I will quadruple to finish the two repeats.)

Here’s another shot of the almost completed bag:


I’ll write up notes about the project once it’s finished and felted.  It’s really against my uptight, cross-things-off-lists nature to have this uncompleted project sitting around.  But hopefully I’ll receive the leftovers from the generous Ravelers soon and I can finish it up!