Finally, here is my completed Emma bag:


Thanks to two lovely and generous Ravelry knitters, who sent me leftovers of Northampton Dark Grey Worsted (which I quadrupled to equal Northampton Bulky doubled), I was finally able to finish the bag.  The color scheme is light grey, dark grey, black and natural.  When my yarn arrived, I was initially concerned that the dark grey was too close to the black but now that it’s completed and felted, they look sufficiently different.  (And, incidentally, the natural color felted just fine — as many knitters know, lighter colors often don’t felt as well as dark colors.)

Overall, I am quite pleased with how this turned out.  (By the way, in all the photos the bag is still drying.)  It’s a clever design by my friend Sharon (aka “She-Knits“).  The process of knitting the bag was not my favorite, however.  Knitting bulky yarn doubled on size 10.5 needles (size 9 for the straps!) did a number on my tempermental neck and shoulders and definitely contributed to a flare-up of pain in those areas (requiring ice, hot water bottle, ice hot water bottle…).

As I’ve mentioned, I lengthened the i-cord mid-section of the straps to make it more of a shoulder bag (therefore contributing to my last-minute running out of strap yarn).  However, it ends up being a little odd to wear it this way because when it’s over your shoulder, the short side of the bag ends up bumping against your body.  But no biggie…I will still get plenty of use out of it.

Here are two more shots:



Coming soon: a progress report on my Scoop-Neck Vest.