My all-time favorite post on The Blue Blog was the one where Alison admits that the tooth fairy forgot to come to her house one night.  Not only did I laugh out loud because I am in constant fear that the tooth fairy might forget to come to our house too (which accounts for all of the reminder post-it notes around the house that say “TF” whenever one of my kids loses a tooth), but it’s my favorite post for another, more important reason:  it reassured me that Alison, for all of her amazing, creative knits and quilts amid parenting three kids, is not perfect after all!

Along those lines, a friend of mine, who reads this blog and knows how much knitting I do and how much I volunteer at the kids’ school, etc., recently asked me semi-off-handedly, “So, Leslie, how much do you work?”  Her question got me thinking that I should mention work here.

I do work.  I can’t quantify it in hours per week because it’s variable.  I am a freelance legal journalist, working from home.  I write a little, then take the dog for a walk.  I do a phone interview, then meet a friend for coffee.  I edit a little, then run to the store.  Some days I don’t work at all, going on field trips or doing tasks around the house (or, let’s be real, taking a trip to the yarn store!).  I like to have 4 – 5 assignments going at any one time — a couple in the reporting phase, a couple in the writing phase, a couple in the editing phase.  I’ve gotten good at asking my editors — at the time of the assignment — for a longer deadline (no one has ever said no!).  I am also highly efficient — if I have 5 weeks to write the story, I break it into teeny chunks (“Tuesday — type up notes from 1 interview”), so that I do a little each day and am not scrambling or overwhelmed on any one day.  I hardly make any money, but I *do* work — it’s enough to keep my mom-brain active, my toe in the professional world and enough to make me comfortable when I buy yarn because I’ve contributed to the family income.

Another reason I am able to knit, take photos, sew, bake, etc., is that my kids go to bed at 7 p.m. (yes, 7).  I am not putting them to bed too early — sometimes they are so tired from the day that they can barely make it ’til 7.  My husband often works from home after they go to bed so I’m upstairs knitting or, if he’ s not working, he’s next to me on the couch watching “Grey’s Anatomy” with me while I knit.  In other words, I have a solid chunk of time every night for my creative passion.

So though I *do* work, I have significant time for my hobbies (along with kid management, volunteering, etc.).  I thought it was important to address this so that, as when I read Alison’s Tooth Fairy post, others can understand how I can get it (work, mothering, household management, knitting) done and not judge themselves.  I believe that some crafty/cooking/etc. bloggers — for as amazing as they are — present a too-perfect story about their lives.  I don’t want to do that!