Despite the plethora of sewing/quilting posts, I have, of course, been knitting.  Here’s my Circles and Stripes Stroller Blanket, sans circles (avec embroidered corner heart):


I had planned to do the circles and started several during craft night at a friend’s house.  But I didn’t like them — I didn’t like the process of making them and I didn’t like how they looked.  They kind of made the fabric pucker up, which really took away from the knitting.  So I said “screw it” and decided to duplicate stitch a tiny heart on the lower right corner.  (One craft night friend thought the heart looked a little pixel-y, but that’s unavoidable with duplicate stitching, which uses the “grid” of knitting).  So it didn’t turn out quite as planned BUT I still like it and it should make a special gift (for my next-door neighbors’ nanny, who is super duper kind to my kids).  Another shot:


While I was waiting for that last ball of gold to arrive, I started the Empire Waist Cardigan and will post progress photos soon.