I’ve been blogging long enough now that I thought it was time for a contest!  So here goes…

In a couple of months, I will be selling knit items in my kids’ school’s craft fair, my third year participating.  I usually make hats and, for the most part, I use leftovers of yarn from other projects, akin to what I do in my teeny tiny Etsy shop.  Lately, I’ve enjoyed embroidering embellishments and duplicate-stitching words.  Here are a few examples:



So to enter the contest, please leave me a comment with a suggestion of some short words to duplicate-stitch on the front of a baby, child or adult knit hat.  (One idea that comes to mind is “Brrr…” on a winter-y baby hat.)  I’m open to ANY ideas — funny, cute, tongue-in-cheek, whatever.   Alternatively, comments could suggest a graphic embellishment, as in the heart above.  (Along those lines, feel free to tell me your favorite color combinations — lime green and brown?  orange and blue?  pink and orange?)  The upshot is I’m looking for ideas that will sell hats! 

Please enter before Sunday, 10/25.  I will use a random number generator (I do not play favorites among my fabulous blog readers!) to pick a winner (first commenter = number 1, etc.).  Here’s what the number selected will win:



That’s the Shetland Triangle shawl from Wrap Style made from a skein of Sundara sock yarn.  I want to say right off the bat that I do not mind if you want to unravel the shawl to re-use the yarn for another project!  

I knit the Shetland Triangle several months ago when a) I wanted to try the famous Sundara yarn and b) I wanted to try a lace shawl.  The yarn was as lovely as I’d heard, but the process of knitting a shawl, for me, SUCKED.  I was a wreck worrying that I’d lose yarn-overs, etc.  I ran a lifeline after nearly every row.  That said, the shawl turned out quite pretty, if a tad small.  This was purely a process knit:  I am not a shawl wearer and those aren’t my colors so the completed project has remained unworn in a plastic bag since I bound off.  I’m thrilled to be able to share it with a reader.  

Here are two more shots:



THANKS for entering!  Good luck!