I own all the books by the brilliant Yarn Harlot and I’ve thumbed through each of them trying to find her hilarious rant about the times when you knit and you knit and somehow every time you measure your piece, it’s exactly the same length as it was the last time you measured.  That’s precisely the stage I’m at with the “skirt” of my Empire Waist Cardigan.  I wanted to quote the Yarn Harlot directly and make some witty analogies.  But I couldn’t find the passage.  If anyone can point me to the passage (maybe it was actually on her blog?), I’d be very grateful. 

So rather than show you boring progress shots on my cardigan (and by the way, I have been knitting that endless skirt for so long, I may break and pick up and knit its wide neckband for a change of pace), I will share a few shots from Sunday’s dog walk.