I still can’t believe I posted those HORRIBLE photos of me in my Empire Waist Cardigan.  Ugh.  But as an avid blog reader, I so appreciate knitters’ honesty about blunders and disappointments and unflattering knits.  So I’m going to keep the photos up.  I am still stewing about the results of that project.  At the same time, I have learned a lot.  For example:

1. Do not let your kids photograph your FO’s, especially modelled FO’s.  My resorting to that was wholly the result of my profound impatience (something I’ve been working on for years, but it got the best of me the other night).  I simply couldn’t wait for my husband to get home to take decent photos of me — I wanted to post!  Big mistake.  At the same time, the cardigan does not look good on me.  Period.  So I’m not sure how much he could have helped matters.

2. There is a bright side.  I stepped outside the box color-wise and I got a lot of compliments on the color of the cardigan.  So I made a good choice there.  Even better, I have two whole balls of the yarn leftover.  I’m thinking of using them to knit a beret.  (I’ve never knit or worn a beret but a knitter friend of mine wore one the other day and it was so cute!)

3.  It may not be as bad as I thought.  Although she hasn’t seen the cardigan in person, my sister (aka my fashion consultant) believes it might not be a lost cause.  Better styling could make it more flattering.  At the same time, I fear that the whole thing is now “tainted” and it’ll never be a go-to garment.  We’ll see…

4.  I need to exercise portion control.  There’s no doubt this sweater would have been more flattering if I had a flatter belly.

5.  Although I announced that I should stop wearing cardigans, I realized that it’s more specific than that — I need to stop knitting cardigans that don’t button or otherwise close.  I recently donated my Arwen cardigan to charity.  And although my Diminishing Ribs Cardigan turned out great, I felt self-conscious wearing it the other night and spent the evening clutching it closed.  This gives me hope that Nonpareil could still work for me.

6.  After a failure, return to what you’re good at.  Thankfully, my kids’ school craft fair is rapidly approaching and I *have* to knit tons of hats.  I could do that in my sleep.  So I will hopefully have a series of successes before my next garment.  (Details on that soon, by the way…as I mentioned, it’s a pullover.)

Also, coming soon, my second completed quilt.