Here’s my second completed quilt:

It’s the basket weave quilt from Even More Quilts for Baby.  It’s much better than the first quilt.  It’s not perfect by any means — the binding is uneven, the squares don’t exactly match up in places — but I am pleased with my improvement.  Notably, on the suggestion of some readers, I hand-sewed the binding on the back side, which was much easier and far more enjoyable than I expected.  Most importantly, my fruit-loving son loves the finished product.

I have no immediate plans for another quilt, though more quilts are in my future, for sure.  I’d love to find a great pattern using jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm packs.  (Okay, how cute are those names?)  I’ll be eager to see if a quilt turns out better if someone else does the cutting.  Also, on the Blue Blog, I’ve read that Alison’s local quilt shop offers a block-of-the-month program.  That sounds like a wonderful, low-key way to improve quilting skills.  Does anyone know of an online (i.e., non-local) version of that kind of thing?