A few weeks ago, I had some fun posting about future garment projects.  But after my big failure in the Empire Waist Cardigan, I had to re-evaluate.  (By the way, I was pleased to discover that even knitting goddesses have their fair share of losers!)  My hat-a-palooza comes first.  But when that’s done, I’ll be knitting this:

It’s the 26 Mottled Olive Sweater from Rebecca #33.  

This is a project I would have completely passed over in the magazine had it not been for Lolly’s version.  (As I’ve mentioned, I do a lot of copying of Lolly’s projects.)  This seems like such a practical garment, perfect for wearing over yoga pants when I pick the kids up from school.  (I actually picked the yarn color based on my selection of yoga pants!)  I’m debating about shortening the sleeves like Lolly did.

Picking the yarn was tricky.  The pattern calls for two strands of a discontinued aran yarn held together, making, essentially, a chunky yarn gauge.   I didn’t want to have to buy double the yarn so I went with a chunky.  I loved Lolly’s tweedy look but I didn’t want to knit with the cotton/acrylic blend she used.  (I usually don’t enjoy knitting with cotton.)  I stumbled upon Paton’s Shetland Chunky Tweeds in, of all things, a fabric store.  I researched it on Ravelry and it had good reviews.  I am a bit of a wool purist and am pretty nervous about using an acrylic blend, but it’s quite soft to the touch and hopefully it has enough stretch not to hurt my hands.

I’m still a little gun-shy about investing the time into garment knitting after my last big project.  But hopefully it’ll go well.   There are several other garments I’d like to knit (Josephine comes immediately to mind) and so I’ve gotta get back on the horse.