Here’s the latest in my hat-knitting craze:

That’s Instant Glamour from the amazing Custom Knits, a book I’ve owned and admired for months — but it’s the first thing I’ve made from it.  My leftover City Tweed DK was perfect for the pattern.  It was a quick knit with a nice result.  I haven’t blocked it, but I’m not sure I need to.

In other hat news, I finished these hats for the upcoming craft fair at my kids’ school:


Yup, that's crocheted.


As I mentioned, I have two more designer hats planned: Beaumont from Made in Brooklyn and, probably, Red Rose.  Then, if I don’t get distracted, my pullover

Speaking of being distracted, I have really become obsessed with Never Not Knitting.  I am catching up on earlier podcast episodes and blog posts.  Her designs — and especially her photo styling — are terrific.