The school craft fair went great!  I became quite nervous when I sold nothing in the first 45 minutes!  It is true what they say about real estate: location, location, location.  My table was in an alcove of sorts and was often hidden by the crowd at table next to me: my friend’s extremely popular jewelry.  Plus, people forked out a lot of moolah for her gorgeous designs and then weren’t so hip about spending more at the very next table.  “What am I going to DO with all of these hats?” I panicked. 

Then, suddenly, I had a flurry of activity (I am sooooo glad I didn’t happen to be outside feeding my parking meter at that time!) as people remembered their upcoming trips to the snow and saw their kids’ cute faces framed by the hats.  (I quickly learned that “Try it on” is an excellent thing to say when you’re selling hats!)  As for pricing, I used a $14, $18, $22 price spread, which seemed reasonable.  In the end, I sold all but four hats (out of 21).

Then, that night, I completed another:

My mom modeling her birthday present

That’s my mom modeling the Beaumont Tam from Made in Brooklyn.  It’s her birthday present.  I used Lamb’s Pride Superwash Sport, a great yarn for the project aside from the fact that it is a bit splitty and I had to drop down to sizes 1 & 2 needles to get gauge.  Doing all that colorwork with those tiny needles hurt my hands.  But I like the result – a lot.

The Mary Tyler Moore Toss

Here it is blocking over a 10″ plate to achieve the tam shape:

Last but not least, Happy Hanukkah!