…wonder if knitting has made you just a little bit crazy? 

Do you ever wonder if other knitters calm their minds before falling asleep by fantasizing about upcoming projects, matching in their heads this yarn to that just-perfect pattern…one after the other after the other?

Are you ever afraid — truly afraid — to count up how many minutes (uh, yeah, that’s right, minutes…) a day you spend on Ravelry?

Do you ever quietly shake your head in pity at those non-knitters (also known as muggles, according to the Yarn Harlot)?  I mean, how do they spend their time?  What do they think about?

Do you ever experience moments of terror when you realize that you’re hitting mid-life and may not actually get all of your knitting projects done in your predicted life span?  Do you ever shudder in horror when that knife just barely misses one of your crucial knitting fingers while you’re chopping onions?  Horror of horrors — what would you do if you couldn’t knit?  It’s just too gruesome to think about.

Do you ever wonder whether other hobbyists are as obsessive as knitters?  I mean, do fly fishers think about bait all the time

Do you use knitting as a carrot?  As in, “Leslie, if you write one paragraph, you get to check Lolly’s blog for an update” or “If you clean out that drawer, you can read all the notes by Ravelers who’ve made Rose Red in Malabrigo Silky Merino.”

Do you ever feel just slightly stalker-ish with respect to knit bloggers and podcasters?  Do you feel like you really know them?  Do you want to meet them for lunch or send them holiday gifts or, I don’t know, show up at their houses with a pot of tea and the latest Interweave?

What?  You haven’t, you say? 

Uh, right — me neither.