I’ve been working on Rose Red by the phenomenal Ysolda.

Although one knitter said that this could be her desert island knitting — as in, if she could knit one pattern only for the rest of her life, this would be it — I would not go that far.  I’ve determined that lace Stresses. Me. Out.  It requires a lot of counting and double-checking, especially when it comes to keeping track of those yarn-overs. 

That said, this is a terrifically well-written pattern with a nice result.  And Malabrigo Silky Merino is delicious.  I am eager to see it all blocked out.  (You may be able to see in the photo that some of the lace stitches, while accurate, look wonky pre-blocking.)   At this point, I plan to do a 1×1 rib at the bottom, which looks more finished and practical to me in the Ravelry examples I’ve studied.

I am, I believe, almost out of my hat phase and have almost recovered from the disaster that was my Empire Waist Cardigan.  (I am not linking here because I just don’t want those pictures getting more play.  You can do a search on the right if you absolutely must!)  I am just about ready to jump into that pullover I mentioned recently.

By the way, I’ve done some baking recently too — ricotta muffins, Hanukkah cookies and coconut macaroons.  For some reason, I’m a bit shy about posting these things.  I am kind of intimidated by the amazing cooking and baking blogs out there.  I simply can’t compete.  But baking is something that I do do with moderate frequency.