I finished knitting the Rebecca pullover.  It’s blocking now, as seen here:

I am reserving judgment until it’s dry — and that’s when I’ll share some modeled photos.  In the meantime, some preliminary thoughts.  First, the pattern is supposed to be a beginner pattern — and it is.  But look at my notes:

One of two pages of notes like this!

I converted it to (mostly) knitting in the round, which required adjustments.  Also, it’s one of those foreign patterns with measurements in centimeters, which required conversions.  Plus, there is a left-right error in the pattern.  I caught it fine, but an inexperienced knitter would not.  Finally, it’s one of those foreign patterns that says something along the lines of, “Repeat on other side, reversing all instructions.”  I don’t care how long you’ve been knitting, that can be tricky!

The yarn (Patons Shetland Chunky Tweed) was actually pretty nice to work with, despite a high acrylic factor.  There were several spots where the yarn came…unplied or unspun or some such spindly word that I can’t come up with.  It’s noticeable in the fabric and is not coming out in the blocking, as seen here:

And the neckline curled like crazy!  I picked up way more than the 95 stitches called for.  When I initially picked up fewer, it looked all holey and terrible.  So I added more.  I am blocking the S*@# out of it, as seen here:

This is why I am reserving judgement — and why I didn’t weave in my ends.  I may pull that neckline out.  I took a look at Lolli’s version and I don’t think she even did the picking up of  neckline stitches.  So if I can’t get mine to straighten out, that neckline is history for me too.  Also, I was reminded that I am woefully terrible at seaming set-in sleeves.  Is there a secret to this?  It’s akin to fitting a square peg in a round hole.

So cross your fingers that this comes out better than the WEWC (“the wretched Empire Waist Cardigan”).  And I’m pleased to share some new yarns I bought from Dancing Ewe:

Three yarns I’ve wanted to try: O-Wool Classic, Spud and Chloe Sweater and Dream in Color Classy.  The Spud and Chloe Sweater will be for a Chloe by Never Not Knitting.  I am still wondering what to make with the O-Wool (a vest? a short-sleeved sweater?) and the Dream in Color (hat? scarf?).  I’m open to suggestions!