My four skeins of O-Wool Classic are running a personals ad, seeking a flattering pattern to (probably) be knit during the upcoming Ravelympics.  (Last Ravelympics, I watched from afar — this time, I will actually join in.)

If you recall, here’s the O-Wool Classic (posing alongside other yarns):

O-Wool Classic in Saffron (orange-ish yarn)

It’s about 800 yards.  I bought it after falling in love with the color, a sophisticated orange.  For weeks, I have been trying to find a flattering pattern for it, emphasis on flattering after the recent WEWC (wretched Empire Waist Cardigan).  I have gone through many possibilities (which I won’t bore you with), spending more time than I care to admit.  Here are two current ideas:

Pioneer from Knitty, Spring 2009

This pattern calls for sport weight yarn and the O-Wool is aran weight, but I’d knit a smaller size at a bigger gauge and hopefully I could make it work.  I like this version and this version and this version on Ravelry.

Another alternative is the Sexy Vesty by Canary Knits.

Sexy Vesty By Canary Knits

I like this version and this version.  Again, the pattern calls for a slightly lighter gauge — and is written for just one size — but I think I can make it work.

As always, I’d love your input.  Which would be the best match for the yarn and, importantly, the most likely to be flattering?  Also — stay tuned for my next soon-to-be-released design!!!

***P.S.  I know there are rules and mores around putting others’ photos on your own blog.  I hope that I am not violating them, especially because I am giving credit AND using them to compliment the design.  If I’ve blown it, let me know!  🙂