So I figured out what to make with my Dream in Color Classy:  The Laurel Hat from Made in Brooklyn.  This will be my second hat from this book (which is especially interesting considering I bought the book for its garment patterns!).  Here’s my progress so far:

One curious thing is that although this is a popular yarn and a popular pattern, no one on Ravelry has made a Laurel in Classy before.  I hope I’m not missing something.  I am enjoying this pattern, which has some challenging elements.  I am liking the process more than the Beaumont or Red Rose experience, which I guess means I like cable work better than colorwork or, most certainly, lace work.

Speaking of Red Rose, despite my blocking efforts, that brim has stretched out with wear.  (And this is turning out to be quite a wearable knit.)  So I got some clear elastic (it was wide but I sliced it down to the width of angel hair pasta) and wove it through the inside of the brim, as seen below.  Hopefully that will do the trick.

Finally, I appreciate the input I received on what to do with the O-Wool Classic.  I got scared away from Pioneer based on the gauge differences and am leaning toward Sexy Vesty.  HOWEVER, I recently came across a few versions of Napoleon from the Blackstone Tweed book.  (Once again, I bought that book for one garment pattern, which I haven’t made.  I did, though, make a hat from the book.)  This is another example of a pattern that I completely skipped over until I saw other versions.

The Ravelry versions I link above have less drape and I think the crispness of the O-Wool classic might highlight the pretty stitches.  So for the time being, it’s between Sexy Vesty and this.