I finished my Laurel hat and I’m trying to determine whether I like it.  Here’s why…  I read on Ravelry that the bobbles as written in the pattern turn out too puny.  So, like many knitters, I decided to substitute my own.  I tested a few different versions and opted for the most bobble-icious.  Well, that may have been a mistake.  Pre-blocking, here is what my Laurel looked like:

See those bobbles?  Don’t they look like…warts…or…cysts…or…boils…or…something?  Maybe it was the green color, but it just looked like I had lizard scales or something coming out of my head.  I decided to take drastic measures:

Yes, my Laurel hat is under there — blocking.  Unlike most knitters of this hat, I tried to squish DOWN my bobbles.  Here’s what I ended up with:

I am mostly happy with it now.  The Dream in Color Classy is a terrific yarn, with rich color and great stitch definition. Oh, and here’s another funny thing about this hat.  I worked extremely hard to preserve my work, inserting lifelines every 8 or 10 rows.  Believe me, if you spend nearly 20 minutes on one cable-crossing, bobble-making round, you do not want to undo that sucker.  However, at the very end of the hat, as I am cinching up the last 6 stitches, I notice a tiny hole developing.  When I look closer, I spot A STITCH ON THE LOOSE.  I have no idea how that happened.  Amazingly, while my heart did skip a beat or two, I did not panic and was able to snatch up the stitch quickly.  And even more amazingly, it happened on a long string of purely stockinette stitches so I was able to just thread it back up and secure it without much fuss.  You can’t tell at all.  But it was really WEIRD!

One last post-smooshing shot