I am in a green phase.  It happens to be my favorite color, but I unintentionally have three green projects.  First, there was the Laurel hat.  Now there’s this:

That’s the Cedar Leaf Shawlette by Never Not Knitting in Handmaiden Lady Godiva, a project I cannot imagine in any color but green.  I don’t happen to be a big shawl or scarf person personally, but this was a luxury project I wanted to try.  If it turns out well, I’ll be donating the finished product to my kids’ school auction.  I am slightly concerned that the leaves, while gorgeous, may get on my nerves by the end.  There are dozens of them — at more than 200 stitches each! 

Here’s another green project coming up:

As I mentioned, I need to knit my husband a replacement scarf.  He asked for something in a camel color to go with his khakis.  I bought this Madeline Tosh online — it looked camel in the photo on my computer but it turns out it’s more of an olive green.  I have been hearing about this yarn for awhile and wanted to see what all the fuss was about anyway so I’m happy to make something else with it — maybe a scarf for myself (though I rarely wear that color) or even a baby sweater for a pregnant cousin.  This, however, may have to wait because after the Cedar Leaf Shawlette is done, it may be time to start my Ravelympics project — still deciding between Sexy Vesty and Napoleon for my O-Wool.