Here, blocking, is my Cedar Leaf Shawlette in Handmaiden Lady Godiva.  It was an enjoyable, if repetitive, knit.  Alana’s pattern was extremely well-written and I especially appreciated how she had the leaf instructions both written out (which I used) and charted (for the chart-inclined).  I will be donating this to the auction at my kids’ school. 


Meanwhile, I am prepping for the upcoming Ravelympics.  I am almost 100 percent going to knit Napolean.  However, I did come across this the other day:

That’s the new Oriel Lace Cardigan offered by WEBS.  I may be influenced by the color, which is similar to the O-Wool that I will be using, but I am wondering if this should be my Ravelympics project.  Really, I am not an indecisive person — I swear.  But something about this O-Wool, combined with Ravelympics, is making me extremely deliberative!