Amidst the seemingly endless auction inputting and the somewhat neglected Ravelympics knitting, I was able to squeeze in a quick trip to Stitches on Friday.  This was my fourth year.  Truthfully, I was so bone-tired from the auction work I’ve been doing that I didn’t have the energy to pour through every booth carefully like I normally do.  But I did come away with these two items (which, I should clarify, do not go together):

That’s Socks That Rock lightweight and the Knitwhits pattern for the Sienna hat, which I have long admired (especially those unique braids on the brim).  I’ve used STR medium weight, which I found too dense, so I’m eager to try the lighter weight.  It was nice to see the colorways in person rather than guessing via my unreliable computer screen.  Next I got in a long line to buy two books until it dawned on me that I could buy them cheaper on Amazon so that’s what I did as soon as I got home.  (I will post about those when they arrive.)  I also almost bought some Toots LeBlanc for that long-requested scarf for my husband but when I asked the guy if it would be scratchy, he said yes.  (Considering I had my wallet out ready to pay, I admired and appreciated his honesty!)

I did also get to meet Jenny and Nicole (finally!) from Stash and Burn and Jasmine from the Knitmore Girls.  I had my eyes peeled for Alana of Never Not Knitting, who I knew was there too, but no luck spotting her amidst the sea of knitters.  (By the way, yours truly makes a guest appearance on her upcoming March 1 episode!)

I have also been knitting: interspersed with my Ravelympics project is a teeny tiny top-secret project that I can post about once it’s finished and the recipient has opened it.  So more on that soon…  In the meantime, it’s back to the school auction work for me.  🙂