So the school auction interfered with my Ravelympics completion but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been knitting away on my Napoleon:

The yarn isn't really sparkly -- just wet!

I’ve completed the lower front, lower back (minus tucks), back yoke and left front yoke.  I should complete the right front yoke tonight and then I can get to seaming (blech!) and the crochet edgings.  I don’t normally block pieces before seaming (even though you’re supposed to!) but these are really curly pieces so I thought it might be a good idea.

I still have not figured out why in the world you can’t just knit the lower front and back all in one side-to-side tube.  I am kind of annoyed by that because, given how I originally picked a too-big size, my seam lines are going to be off-center towards the back (rather than at my sides).  I don’t see why seams are needed at all.  Once I determined that I picked a too-big size, I just started holding the pieces up to my Aleita Shell, which fits perfectly, rather than go by the pattern schematics.  This is going to go one of two ways — it’s either going to be great or an annoying disaster.  For a vest, this has taken a long time so I am crossing my fingers (and am hopeful!) that it’s going to work.

Once this is done, I am eager for some smaller projects.  I have some toys, hats and socks in mind.  I want to work through some of my leftovers…