Here’s the secret little project I knit in between Ravelympics knitting and the school auction stuff:

My cousin had sent me a photo of a knit coffee cozy she saw online and said, “I thought of you.  Isn’t this cute?”  Well, it was just the thing I was looking for.  This cousin is getting married later this month and, because of auction obligations, I can’t make it to Southern California for the wedding.  She knew this months ago when she was contemplating dates and has graciously excused me from the happy occasion. Still, I felt badly and wanted to do something for her.  (This is a second marriage for both, a small affair with no gifts…)  So when she sent me that e-mail, his and her coffee sleeves was the perfect way to say, “I’m happy for you guys.”  They accompanied my declining RSVP in the  mail.  I hope the lovebirds like them!  It’s a simple horseshoe cable — each took just one night of knitting.