Amidst my Napoleon seaming*, I dove into a much needed small project from Itty-Bitty Toys.

That’s the mouse from the Christmas Set.  He’s cute enough but I *really* need to work on my toy-making skills.  This one had a lot of teeny parts and I can never quite sew them on in the right place and my sewing is pretty noticeable up close.  Fortunately, my little boy doesn’t care and loves the mouse.  (I finished the mouse late at night and left it on the kitchen table with a note that said, “The only kind of mouse I like in the house.”)  I think I’m going to make the egg-bluebird reversible toy next — for my daughter.

For anyone who is visiting MoreWithLes after hearing my knitting story on Never Not Knitting, welcome.  I hope this won’t be your last visit here!

* Please send knitterly prayers that this Napoleon vest fits.  I alternate between panic/frustration that it’s too big and thinking it’ll be just fine.  I won’t know until that final seam is sewn!