I was itching to knit with Madeline Tosh again so I picked up the leftovers from my Aegean Mitts and whipped up some booties.

This is a simple and quick pattern.  But because I wasn’t paying super close attention to right side/wrong side, I got a funky stockinette line at the toe (see that?).  So I gave them to my daughter, who was begging for them for her American Girl doll.  When I handed them over, she raced upstairs and dressed her doll in everything I’d ever made for her, as seen below (AG doll was insecure about the bad hair day she was having and insisted on a headless shot):

That’s a poncho, a sweater, some PJ bottoms and the booties.  Come to think of it, she forgot the head scarf — that would have helped with the bad hair day!