This scrappy hat started off as something else: a scrappy lengthwise scarf.  I’d made one of those scarves before and loved the result, especially the excellent use of leftovers.  This, however, looked pretty rotten as a scrappy lengthwise scarf.  I’d included some off-white (to lighten it up) and some navy, in addition to what you see here, and it looked yucky.  For some weird reason, I kept knitting.  I guess I was determined to use up those leftovers.  Eventually, though, I made an error (could it have been some sort of Freudian error, since I didn’t like what I was making?) that created a strange ridge in the scarf.  I hadn’t run a lifeline and figuring out how to recover 300 stitches (remember, it was a lengthwise scarf) several rows back was just too much.  So I ripped it out, took the off-white and extra navy out of the equation and made a baby hat instead.  The centerpiece is leftovers of a navy-pink varigated yarn I bought on Etsy.  The result is really cute!  Personally, when I was pregnant with a girl, I was eager for non-pink baby girl clothes or clothes with pink as an accent, rather than the main color.  This hat, with navy, light blue AND pink, fits the bill!

By the way, you may have seen from my last post that one reader’s comment never reached me.  Has that happened to you on this blog?  If so, please let me know.  I think it’s probably an isolated incident but if not, I’d like to know about it.  🙂