In contrast to my last, photo-heavy post, this one will be brief and photo-less.  As I mentioned, our school fundraiser was a huge success.  My knitting lessons turned out to be a hot-ticket item!*  When they had to add a second bid sheet mid-way through the night, I thought, proudly, “I’ve arrived!”  (Only the most popular items require additional bid sheets.)  The two-hour lesson ultimately went for $170!  (The winner of last year’s lessons turned into a huge, addicted knitter and her spouse wrote at the bottom of that 2nd bid sheet, “Husbands beware!”)  So…I am teaching the winner of the lessons this coming weekend.  Her daughter, a first-grader, will attend for a bit too (and, if she gets bored, will go play with my daughter!).  As I’ve mentioned, I had a wonderful, patient teacher when I first learned to knit and I use many of her excellent tidbits when I teach new knitters.  My question for you is, what is some knitting wisdom that you think is essential for a beginning knitter — adult or child?  I’d love to incorporate your tidbits into my lesson.  Thanks!

*My Cedar Leaf Shawlette also did nicely in the auction!  🙂