I have knit 48 inches on my Cedar scarf:

As I’ve mentioned, this project is much harder than it looks and, therefore, more time-consuming.  Untwisting the 5 balls of yarn, in particular, really slows me down.  So I came up with this low-tech solution:

That’s one of my daughter’s headbands, gently holding the scarf together so that untangling goes a wee bit faster (but still not fast). 

The Yarn Harlot recommends scarves be at least 80 ” long.  That seems kind of long to me, especially because I’m short AND because I can’t bear the thought that I am little more than 1/2-way through this project.  I’m going to measure some of my other scarves and see how long I’ve made them.

Although I am getting slightly tired of this project, I also love the end product and haven’t felt a compulsion to turn to something else — yet.  I did place an order during the WEBS anniversary sale and perhaps when my bounty arrives, I’ll turn to some of my new loot for a bit — but maybe not.