I am not a shopper.  In fact, I loathe shopping.  I am also frugal — some might say cheap — so for the most part I get little pleasure from buying things.  “Retail therapy” is not a concept that applies to me.  Yarn or knitting therapy — well, that’s another story.

Lately, I’ve been consumed by some family mishegas* and I’ve also been laid up with a nasty cold that’s left me cranky and with little energy.  But a few knitting-related purchases have made me feel a tad better about it all.

That’s part of my loot from the WEBS anniversary sale: Cascade 220 and 220 Superwash in lime green, yellow, brown, navy and pink.  (I’d been so good at working through leftovers that I realized I had no yarn in basic colors to devise more hat designs.)  The other part of my purchase is backordered: some Valley Yarns Northfield to make a scarf and Malabrigo Silky Wool to make another scarf.

Another purchase: The Topped for a Year booklet from Tot Toppers.  I have long been interested in authors who self-publish and I bought it as much for that angle as I did for the patterns themselves (which, of course, are quite cute!).  I’ll let you know when it arrives.

After reading the Blue Blog’s post about the book Sweater Quest, I knew I had to read it.  I had just finished The Help (a book I highly recommend!) and so the timing of the Sweater Quest recommendation was perfect.   I’ve read the first few chapters and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Good purchases, all in all.  Now if only I could kick this darn cold!

* Mishegas is Yiddish for insanity, craziness.