I finished Sweater Quest, a book that is candy-like for those of us who love anything related to knitting, especially things that are funny and that show that we’re not alone in our crazy obsessiveness. 

While certainly not Yarn Harlot caliber (is that even possible?), the book is funny and readable.  A few choice quotes:

 Knitting is the “hardest easiest craft in the world.  Practice, coupled with a willingness to look foolish, is what separates knitters from nonknitters.”


“My day-to-day life is full of actions that have larger potential consequences.  I drive a minivan that could easily become a weapon if I flaked out for a millisecond.  I teach young adults how to write, speak, and act responsibly in the larger world.  I also teach my own small children how to become responsible young adults or, most days, how not to be the kid that all the other parents talk about in hushed, anxious tones.  The consequences of screwing up a sweater are nil, which is a refreshing change.”


(Quoting the Yarn Harlot): “[O]ne of the reasons this industry’s got such great legs is that people aren’t just knitting; they’re forming communities, and communities are harder to walk away from than knitting projects.  I’ve walked away from thousands of knitting projects.”


“You’d think that there can’t be more than a couple of knitting philosophies, but as we go around the circle, a couple of themes emerge.  Perhaps the most popular is a variation on, ‘I knit so that I don’t kill anyone,’ the repetitiveness of knitting as a balm for life’s aches and pains.  Julia Child is quoted, at least once.  ‘Find something you’re passionate about,’ she said, ‘and keep tremendously interested in it.'”

Those are just a handful of the many passages I marked because they resonated with me.  (I left out a few of my favorites, related to turning 40, turning gray and packing on the pounds as you knit because, perhaps, I don’t want you know know how much they resonated with me!)

Oh, the knitting lessons I donated for the school auction took place last weekend.  All your great tips were used — thanks!