My kids love collecting snails in the backyard.  So I decided to knit two teeny snails using this pattern.  Each took just one night.  I used some leftovers from my Cedar scarf and size 2 needles.  They were hard to shoot because I finished them late at night so I had poor lighting; plus, these little guys leeeeannnnn.  They’re cute, though!

Oh, and three things I neglected to mention about the new Sarah hat pattern.  The first is that it (like these snails) is knit from my Cedar leftovers.  (I had a lot of leftovers!)  Also, I forgot to mention that the shell-stitch brim was inspired by — and a variation on — the edging of my Napoleon vest (as I mentioned, my favorite part of that whole project).  I’ve worn Napoleon a couple of times, by the way, and I’ve received many compliments.  It’s not my normal style so I am pleased that my stepping outside the box worked.  🙂  Finally, I’ve been having fun coming up with names for my recent patterns.  (As with naming pets, I am partial to using real people names.)  It wasn’t until after I posted that I realized the total coincidence that a friend of mine happens to have daughters named Sarah and Jamie.  I obviously like her taste!  🙂