For awhile now, I’ve had yarn for two pairs of socks just waiting to be knit.  Having yarn around in this way makes me nervous.  (I am not a stasher.)  I love reading about sock knitting and listening to people talk about socks on podcasts.  I also love having hand-knit socks.  But for some reason, I felt uninspired to knit these skeins. 

Meanwhile, I’ve been hearing much about the toe-up technique and the many great books out there (Cookie A.’s and Chrissy Gardiner’s , for example).  But I like to knit my socks two at a time on two circulars.  So I decided to get Knitting More Circles Around Socks, the toe-up sequel to Knitting Circles Around Socks, a book I have enjoyed a lot.  I’m (finally) energized to try out this technique.  

I also stumbled upon this lovely knitted trims book.  It looks like it’ll be great inspiration for my burgeoning designing endeavors.  For some reason, this book struck me as more accessible than the comparable Nicky Epstein book.  It also has a few patterns for some pretty knitted flowers.