Here are two FOs:

The first is the Gathered Scarf in Malabrigo Silky Merino (color lettuce).  I have made this exact scarf in that exact yarn in the exact color once before — two years ago to donate to the school auction.  The whole time I knit that scarf, I was thinking, “This is gorgeous, I don’t want to part with it!”  But I did and it did well in the auction.  The winning bidder is a friend of mine and not too long ago, I ran into her wearing the scarf.  I was reminded of how pretty it is and decided that I was going to knit it again — this time, for me.  (Staci, in the highly unlikely event that you’re reading this, I hope you don’t mind!)  This is a perfect yarn for this simple and easily memorized pattern.  (I used sizes 8 & 5 and cast on 40 stitches…)

FO number two is a little rosebud from one of my new book purchases.  It took just about 45 minutes.  Although it looks a little phallic to me, it’s cute.  I may try some more of her flower patterns.  This one went to my mom for Mother’s Day.

Meanwhile, I’ve started my first toe-up socks (two at a time on two circulars).  So far so good…