…while not going insane is, for me, two-fold.  First, do two socks at a time.  It’s slow-going BUT when you’re done, you’re done — akin to binding off a seamless sweater.  Second — and I apply this technique to many elements of my life — break the project up into small tasks.  (For those writers out there, this is the “bird by bird” philosophy of the great Anne Lamott.

dental floss for lifelines, foam ear plugs for point protectors

For example, in the middle of the feet of this in-progress pair, I designed and published Ash .  Just before launching into the heel flaps, I started another design project (more on that below).  Normally, I am a die-hard monogomous knitter.  But breaking up these socks in this way is keeping me sane.  Why I feel this way about sock knitting, I don’t know.  As I mentioned, I love sock yarn, hearing about sock knitting on podcasts and wearing hand-knit socks.  Knitting socks?  Meh

A few other notes. 

I am enjoying designing so much.  Although I initially struggled with my “voice,” once I started designing, I found the ideas came with more frequency.  I’m still nowhere near ready to design a sweater (people who do that well are geniuses, in my opinion!) but these hats are a great creative outlet for me and they appear to be well-received.  That said, while Ravelers apparently like them (I have lots of “hearts” in Ravelry), very few (VERY few) knitters have actually purchased a pattern.  I can’t quite figure out how to translate people liking the patterns into people purchasing them.  Maybe I just need to be patient.  In the meantime, in my effort to get more exposure for the patterns, I’ve had the great pleasure of working with the Free Test Knitters group on Ravelry.  I’m hoping that their soon-to-be FO’s of my patterns will generate some viral interest.

On the topic of future personal knits…I love (!) the Yarn Harlot’s Kiama. This is not at all a garment I would have looked at twice otherwise.  But her post and FO are great.  I especially like her comment that this project doesn’t scream “knitter” the way a cabled aran sweater does.  I am also way in love with this:

Organic Sprout Tank in Knitting Green

The Organic Sprout Tank from Knitting Green by Ann Budd.  What patterns are you in love with these days?