So my mom handed me this the other day:

It was a garment bag with a note.  She said she’d tried knitting in college for something to do during sorority meetings.  She never finished this sweater, but her mother — a world-class crafter — finished it for her.  Did I want it?

In a word, no.  It’s too small.  It’s too acrylic.  And even though green is my favorite color, it’s too green.  But it was really neat to see a hand-knit sweater that is older than I am and was stitched, in large part, by my grandmother, who died more than eight years ago.  I have often thought that this grandmother who, frankly, I didn’t have a lot in common with, would be tickled that I’ve become a knitter with a capital K.  She never would have guessed it, I’m sure. 

Meanwhile, our deck garden is coming along nicely.  A drip system was installed for my Mother’s Day present, which makes it pretty low-maintenance.

Carrots sprouting