…I’ve been working on my toe-up socks (I’ve turned the heels and am about to start up the legs):

… a scarf for my mother-in-law (ignore the contrasting lifelines):

… making use of those cherries (here’s the recipe; I eliminated the “lattice” because I prefer a rustic look):

(See that cherry spillage on the upper left corner?  I burned the roof of my mouth eating that up with a spoon!)

…and coming up with some new hat designs.  I have some fun ideas.  Sales have still be so slow.  One wise person reminded me that it’s summer and people are not in hat-knitting mode.  Still, I am toying with bagging the design efforts altogether.  If anyone has tips for boosting sales (on Ravelry, which is where I plan to solely do it for now) or has opinions as to why patterns have lots of “hearts” but very few sales, I’d certainly be open to hearing them.  🙂