The only word appropriate to describe the two unexciting projects I’m working on is…SLOG.  They’ll both wind up great.  But it’s a slog to get through them.  So I decided to start a little design project.  Here’s a peek:

Probably not what you expected, huh?  Hopefully it’ll turn out as I envision.  Oh, and thanks for the helpful responses to my frustration about poor pattern sales.  Everyone was kind and wise.  I’m going to lighten up!  Also, I should have clarified that you should not be fooled by the number of projects of my patterns — 99 percent of those were given away free to pattern testers… For the record, I think I have actually officially sold a grand total of 3 patterns!  So I have earned about 9 bucks.

Finally, here’s the first salad from my teeny vegetable garden:

Knowing I grew the lettuce myself made it taste better to me, whether it actually tasted better or not!  🙂